I have been making fine art ceramic tiled murals and smaller works for over 30 years. In varying styles from representational to abstract, my work is done in bold dynamic design and brilliant color. The sculpted high relief ceramics creates flowing reflective surfaces that are tactile and soothing. I want and try to achieve art that heals and calms. My pieces often serve as focal points in homes, offices and public places.

Most of my work is commissioned and I often implement my client’s personal vision in my designs. A creative back and forth is common, with individuals or a team of architects and designers.

As well, I enjoy close relationships with several collectors, many of whom are professionals - doctors, dentists, lawyers and healthcare practitioners. My works hang in reception areas, private offices, and in their homes. Several pieces hang in healthcare or other public art locations.

I have been asked why I chose to be a ceramic artist, to create “paintings” in ceramics. It takes a long time to sculpt the clay, layer in high relief, firing and glazing multiple times. This is a time of direct contact with earth elements. and I use that time to focus attention on each process of the design, whether the work is a commission or for myself.

In an important way, I want to bring the outside in - to involve the viewer in a commonly shared vision of the natural world through nourishing natural shapes and colors.

People tell me my art stops them for a moment and gives them a another window on the world. They tell me It relaxes them and simplifies things just a little.